Expert Exams

Expert Exams

We see more than your eyes

Medical skill, experience and genuine concern

Having your vision tested regularly is important for people of all ages, even if you have perfect vision. Who you choose to examine your eyes is equally important. Your choice of doctor makes a real and lasting difference. Scheduling an appointment at Young Vision Care gives you confidence knowing your eyes are in the hands of experts who know you and genuinely care about your welfare.

The doctors and staff at Young Vision Care are experienced and trained eye-care professionals with modern technology. When we see you for an eye exam, we start by seeing you, the person behind the patient. From that moment on, we look at your visual needs based on you – your age, occupation, hobbies and lifestyle.

Unlike some chain and cut-rate vision stores, we give you a comprehensive eye exam. The staff at Young Vision Care uses a high-powered lenses to see tiny structures in your eyes. We check for numerous abnormalities of the eye and can even spot the early onset of diabetes, cancers, brain tumors and hypertension. We’ll thoroughly examine all aspects of your vision, including the structure of your eyes and how well they work together. In addition to a visual acuity screening and refraction exam, we thoroughly test your ocular muscle strength, peripheral vision and color vision. We also screen for glaucoma, macular degeneration and other eye diseases.

Young Vision Care works hard to make your eye exam an easy and pleasant experience. Our outgoing and friendly staff will be at your assistance from the moment you walk in the door. They will explain things in simple terms and are always happy to answer your questions. Our goal is a satisfying and positive experience every time.