Specialty Eyeglasses

specialty frames

Glasses tailored to your interests and life

Young Vision Care treats you like the one-of-a-kind person you are. That includes offering you a wide variety of glasses designed specifically for the activities you enjoy and the work you do for a living. Spend hours in front of a computer screen? We will custom order computer glasses for you. Computer glasses are designed specifically for close-up and intermediate distances. These glasses give you great focus and help you avoid eyestrain and eye fatigue common with computer use. There are even special lenses for those who use a smartphone. Lenses to reduce eyestrain are available too even if you don’t have a prescription.

Looking for an extra edge in the sport you love? Young Vision Care can help. We’ll find a sport-specific pair of glasses to improve the clarity of your vision during play and protect your eyes from injury. Darkening UV protection lenses are great for baseball and other outdoor sports. Golfers can benefit from gray-brown tinted lenses, which make it easier to see the outline of a course.

Even if you don’t normally wear glasses, non-prescription sports lenses can benefit your performance. Many reduce glare, maximize peripheral vision, and prevent injury. As a Sports Eye Injury Prevention Center, we are part of a nationwide network of eye care professionals committed to the prevention of sports eye injuries by providing sports eyewear.