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COVID Policies & Procedures

Effective February, 2021

Our office has always maintained high sanitary conditions.  COVID concerns have escalated our commitment in keeping our patients and team safe and healthy.  

Last month, a MERV 16 filtration system was added to our furnace, which filters 99% of particles down to .3 microns (smaller than the Coronovirus).  We have added an advanced UV cleaner for our eyewear selection process.   Several comfortable chairs were re-upholstered from cloth to a cleanable material. Contact lenses are now shipped from our supplier directly to patient homes to lessen the number of patients in our office. 

As of two weeks ago, most of our staff have received their second Moderna vaccine. The CDC still advises vaccinated persons to continue wearing masks, wash hands and maintain social distancing, as they can still unknowingly spread the virus to others.

The shortage of vaccines is most unfortunate for our state. With the high number of patients over the age of 65 in our practice, we will continue to require ALL patients, staff and doctors to wear masks.  We will still strive to keep the over 65 patients appointed during specific time frames.  

Our appointment times continue to be spaced out to reduce the number of patients in our office at one time. We will continue requesting patients call or text us for times for adjustments, repairs, selection and dispensing of eyewear. 

We are continuing our pre-appointment calls to reduce patient time our office.

Exam room surfaces and equipment are disinfected between every patient. Our eyewear dispensing tables are also disinfected after each patient.

Young Vision Care Procedure Update

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