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New Policies and Procedures

Monday, May 4,

Young Vision Care will be open with the following Phase One Guidelines


* Scheduling appointments:

** patients with chronic medial eye diseases will be contacted

** routine exams will be inserted into the schedule as possible

* Urgent or Emergent patients:

** will be inserted into the schedule as possible, or

** invited to utilize our new telehealth platform

* Appointments will be spaced further apart:

** to allow for social distancing,

** and allow time to disinfect exam rooms

* Only appointed patients will be allowed in office:

** one family member or guardian is permitted, if necessary

* We ask that patients bring a mask to be worn while in office:

** one will be provided for you during your appointment, if necessary

* Patients will receive a Pre-appointment Call:

** in order to ask screening questions, and

** obtain basic exam information so as to reduce time in office

Supplements, Glasses, & Contacts

* Supplements may be delivered car-side or shipped upon request

* Repairs and adjustments will be performed as needed

* Patients will be contacted to schedule a time to pick up their glasses

* Contacts and glasses may be shipped to patients upon request

* Car-side pickup is available for all contacts and glasses upon request

* Patients are encouraged to schedule a time to purchase new eyewear if they did not do so at the time of their appointment.

Young Vision Care Precautions

* Exam rooms and testing equipment will be disinfected between patients

* Patients will interact with a few staff members as possible

* Staff members will wear a mask during all patient interactions

* Staff members will be screened prior to clocking-in for work

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Thank you for entrusting Young Vision Care with your eye health needs.

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